Our ethos...


We choose people over profit... Quality SEND professionals are an important investment for schools and we are extremely conscious about school budgets being spent correctly. With our transparent business model and 10% permanent recruitment fees, you can be sure that the money you are choosing to spend with us isn't hiked up by huge profit margins. We promise to offer you the best people for the job, a high quality and personal service, and prices you can trust are ethical. We hope our transparent model helps schools to see where their funds are going 


We choose transparency... Our transparent daily rates are broken down into: candidate's pay, their holiday pay, pension contribution, Employer's NI, and our fee; you will always have access to this information. We want our professionals and education partners to trust that we pay and charge fairly by offering this level of transparency to all who choose to join our ethical community  


We choose to listen...We want your feedback.... Our experience doesn't mean we know everything, we rely on your honest feedback in order to keep building our people focused brand!  


We choose PAYE... As SEND recruiters we have experienced the various third party pay options available, we fully understand why it can be confusing for candidates. Everyone deserves to understand their pay and not be left with surprise deductions at the end of each week. Our PAYE only model ensures that we can keep things clear for our candidates, without involving third parties


We choose to give back... Part of our people focused vision is to support charities and projects that contribute to the world of SEND. Our pledge is to always give back and contribute as much as we can to the larger community


We choose to pave the way... Being different is challenging but in the world of SEND, different means special! Doing things because "it's always been done this way" is not why we're here. We created PS Inclusion to positively disrupt a market that needs to change. We are here for SEND, we are here to make a difference, we are here for YOU!



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