Meet us!....

We are Emilie and Sophie, we have been good friends since we worked together as SEND consultants eight years ago, our name Parker Smith is a combination of our Mums' maiden names. We created our company to make a positive impact in a market we have both always been incredibly passionate about.



Emilie Pecheur - Co-Founder

I have recruited in the Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) sector for ten years. SEND is an industry like no other and I feel privileged to work with individuals, schools and education providers who do such vital work. It is with immense pride that I am now able to put to use all of the knowledge and passion I have gained over these years within my own business. Prior to recruitment I trained as a dancer so theatre is a huge part of my life, one look at my Spotify playlist will confirm this! Outside of work, I spend my time watching as much sci-fi I can get my hands on whilst enjoying a glass of red. Lastly, my cat Ginge would be very angry if she didn't get a mention!



Sophie Kelly - Co-Founder

I have a degree in Business and Management Psychology and have been recruiting in the education sector for the last 8 years. I developed an interest and passion in people when studying the psychology part of my degree and through my pursuit into HR, found my way into education recruitment. For the majority of my career I have specialised in Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) recruitment and have built wonderful relationships with many schools and educational professionals. I am also proud to mention that my role led my mum into her first SEMH role where she has truly made a difference to many children's lives. My other passion in life is my Yorkshire Terrier Bella … next goal is to train a therapy dog to bring into our partner schools.


Georgia Curtis - Compliance Administrator

I have worked in administration for a while and discovered that I had developed a profound place in my heart for Children and Adults with SEND. Before getting into Admin and Compliance I was a Football coach and even worked in the States as part of my university degree. This is where I discovered my passion for SEN! Everyday I wake up positive and ready for my day more than I have ever been before, and that is all because working with Emilie and Sophie is as easy and as enjoyable as a job should be. Apart from loving my job and helping people find jobs they love too, supporting children who deserve passionate mentors, I enjoy going to watch football every week (when we win that is) and snuggling up with a good book together with my Fur baby Milo, the nuttiest Frenchie ever!


James McLean - Consultant

After leaving sixth form, I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go in. During my time as a football coach, I worked with many children with SEND and it got me interested in helping others to get into teaching and providing support for those with Special Education Needs and Disabilities. As a new starter in the recruitment industry, I am looking forward to gaining experience with the help of Emilie and Sophie by helping people secure the perfect role in education. Outside of work I enjoy playing and watching sports and am always happiest when West Ham United win.

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